Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ohh Man U..Apa dah jadi ni...huhu..

Assalamualaikum...despite of having injured player,man u still can't afford to win...one by one they lost their game...its a shame..man u is lacking of a spirit or voice inside their team.None of the player is capable to deliver their voices through out the team effectively...Not like Eric Cantona , Roy Keane and David Bechkam era..they have excellent history with man u...Wayne Rooney can be the one to always the team to hear his voice at the field...i have high hope on him...Valencia??hmm..this man should throw away his humble inside the team..Otherwise, his attacking style can't be improve much...Gabriel Obertan...this man is to be watch over within this couple of year...he will have an excellent year with man u...Glory glory Man United!!

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