Saturday, December 4, 2010

Huawei...The new history begin...


Huawei...this is the new company that i joint currently as a technical trainer. My job?Is similar to the lecturer at the university.The only differrent is that i learn and deliver the knowledge about the real product that are currently being used worldwide...Is a learning process that will enhances skill and knowledge of the technician and engineer including the theoretically, how to configure the devices,laboratory.The audience will have to take some test to pass in the training.

Yeah..this job is suit for me.I like it.Btw, i need to build my own target and strategies so that i can deliver effectively and can affect student performance.Its a challenges time.I dont want to waste anytime and i have a commitment too.

The thing that make me happy right now is...i have a Passport.haha..I've never expected to do it this quickly.Of course its for work purposes...Thanks to everyone that give me the support along the way.

I need to prepare.Couple of weeks from now, I'll fly to Shenzen,China...which is Huawei HQ for new employee training...

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